India, a great country has emerged as very advance and developed country when all other countries not yet started their civilization, culture or traditions of their native place. India was evolved and developed its own great civilization, traditions and cultures with manifold which are proved through available literature, historical evidence by scriptures, sculptures etc. On the similar lines unique Medical sciences also have been evolved and developed since long time in the Indian subcontinent.

Medical science was essentially needed for well being of human mankind and to continuance existence of human beings. Hence traditional medical science of India was grown hand – in- hand with human civilization and their culture and traditions. In India traditional medical sciences are emerged in three forms. In South India, basic foundation of traditional medicine is known as SIDDHA MEDICINE, in North India emerged traditional medicine is known as AYURVEDA MEDICINE and the third medical science is known as UNANI MEDICINE. These three medical systems as described by our ancestors are visualized and practiced together in India.

Siddha, Ayurveda, and Unani medicines are closely related to each other and at the same time they are individually and independently significant. All these three traditional medicines are based on Human physiological Humors Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and their functions and activities. Equilibrium status of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha keeps the human beings Healthy. Disturbance in the equilibrium of these three doshas causes disorders. Human body is composed of seven dhatus (building materials). These seven dhatus are:

  • Lymph
  • Blood
  • Muscle
  • Adipose-Tissues
  • Bone
  • Marrow
  • Male &Female Hormones - Semen/Ovum
  • (Rasa)
  • (Kumalhi)
  • (Thasam)
  • (Kozappu)
  • (Elumpu)
  • (Majjni)
  • (Sukkilam)
  • (Rasa)
  • (Rakta)
  • (Mamsa)
  • (Medas)
  • (Asti)
  • (Majja)
  • (Sukra)

Minor differences in basics of medical science, preparations of medicines, medicinal usages of drugs, are observed between these three traditional systems. Medicinal description, characters or actions may slightly differ between three systems in some of the raw or prepared medicines. Special attention is given in medicinal preparation of Chenduram which is uniquely described and available only in Siddha Medicine and these chendurams are prescribed and used in micro units for their potent medicinal uses for curing diseases. Notably some of the medicines and preparations Kattu, Kazangu, and Muppu a kind of salt etc are exclusively available in Siddha Medicine and these special medicines are highly potential. These special type of medicines are unknown in other traditional systems of medicine.

By the great knowledge of Siddhars (who attained Siddhi or Practitioners of Siddha) – medicinal plants, herbo-mineral drugs etc are discovered for their medicinal effects and are being used in contemporary period. While these Siddha Medicines are given for oral administration for curing diseases, precautions are taken to avoid any adverse effects or side effects. Because of Allopathy system’s influence use of these traditional medicines is declined for some time. However due to the demand from public, Siddha and other traditional medicines are getting popularity and praised for their efficacy.

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